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Boston Stories and Numbers

Boston Future in 9 College Essays

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In January of 2023, Heloiza Barbosa, the audio producer of this project, went to the Boston International High School, dedicated to attending the recently arrived immigrant youth in the city of Boston who have limited English proficiency or some gaps in their formal schooling. There, Heloiza met a group of 9 seniors who were in the midst of applying for college. She recorded them reading their college essays. She also gave each one a recorder and asked them to capture sounds of their lives.  What you will hear in the episode are five very moving audio essays that infuse our spirit with imagination and hope for the future of Boston. 

But, you can also also appreciate individually all the 9 essays by watching the beautiful audiograms.. 

  • Produced by Heloiza Barbosa
  • Hosted by Phill Granberry
  • Music score and sound Design by Paulo Pinheiro