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Boston Stories and Numbers

Stories are the first step to imagine a better future for all

An audio-documentary series created by the audio producer Heloiza Barbosa in partnership with the Research Division of BPDA, in which Boston residents tell their stories, and the Research Division plugs in the data. The result from this mix is: complexity!

Supported and made possible through the Boston Artist-in-Residence Program of the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.

This is an audio-diary story recorded by the soon-to-be 15 year old, Chrisnel Peña. She takes us inside her school conversations, and shares with us the intimacy and stress of planning a quinceanera party.

In January of 2023, Heloiza Barbosa, the audio producer of this project, went to the Boston International High School, dedicated to attending the recently arrived immigrant youth in the city of Boston. She recorded 9 seniors reading their college essays. She also gave each one a recorder and asked them to capture sounds of their lives.

In this episode you will meet David Camacho. David is an energetic 18 years old resident of East Boston. Heloiza interviewed David, and he shared with her the most mortifying story of the loss of his father. At such a young age, he has experienced unimaginable pain and violence. David, his mother and older brother left Colombia and arrived in Boston seeking refuge. David promised  himself that no matter what, he would be happy just like his dad was.