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Boston Stories and Numbers

There is Diversity Here

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In this episode you will meet David Camacho. David is an energetic 18 years old. He is always smiling and bouncing from one activity to another. Heloiza interviewed David, and he shared with her the most mortifying story of the loss of his father. At such a young age, he has experienced unimaginable pain and violence. David, his mother and older brother left Colombia and arrived in Boston seeking refuge. David promised  himself that no matter what, he would be happy just like his dad was. 

David is one of 9,154 Colombians living in Boston. In East Boston, where his home is, Latinos make up more than half of the population. Right now, he is one of the 6.6 percent of Bostonians working in a food prep or service job, and he takes the T to his job and school, along with 27 percent of the city’s residents. One day David hopes to be part of the 8 percent of the city’s population that works in finance. His dream for the future is that he will  join the 52 percent of Bostonians that hold a Bachelor’s degree. His name is David Mutis Camacho, he is 18 years old, and he is the future of Boston.

  • Produced  and hosted by Heloiza Barbosa
  • Interview edited by Colleen Martin
  • Music Score and sound design by Paulo Pinheiro