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Boston Stories and Numbers

My Quinceanera

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This is an audio-diary story recorded by the soon-to-be 15 years old, Chrisnel Peña. Chrisnel is a born bostonian, she is a freshmen at  the John D O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, and she self identifies as a Latina teen. Chrisnel recorded for three weeks her life. She talks about her neighborhood, Roxbury. She takes us inside her school conversations, and she shares with us the intimacy and stress of planning a quinceanera party.

Did you know that 5.6% of Boston’s population is from the Dominican Republic? Besides Dominicans, there are plenty of other Hispanic nationalities living in Boston today, meaning there’s plenty of other girls planning and dreaming of their quinceanera party. This means a lot of jobs and a lot of money goes into the city’s economy.

  • Produced by Heloiza Barbosa
  • Audio captured by Chrisnel Peña
  • Music score and sound Design by Paulo Pinheiro